Manual Tissue Grinders

Manual Tissue Grinders

Tissue Grinders are an inexpensive way to completely homogenize small samples. Although they may not be suited for all applications, they have been used extensively for homogenization in laboratories that are on a restrictive budget.

Available in disposable or non-disposable options they are a cost effective way to homogenize / pulverize a wide variety of lab samples and are convenient for field work.

Product Lines

  • BioMasher Single-Use

    BioMasher Single-Use

    The BioMasher is an essential tool for any researcher working with nucleic acid extraction, protein extraction and many types of cell disruption.

  • Dounce Glass Tissue

    Dounce Glass Tissue

    Use our Dounce Tissue Grinders to disrupt cells for the extraction of cell products including proteins, RNA, and DNA. This grinder design is usually "stroked" a certain number of times to extract cell products or nuclei with minimal disruption. Each set contains both a tight and loose fitting pestle.

  • Tenbroeck Glass Tissue

    Tenbroeck Glass Tissue

    Tenbroeck grinders have a hollow handle that allows packing with ice, making them suitable for liver, intestines, and heart tissue. The ice reduces the stress on the cells, helping to maintain cell viability and increase viable cell count.

  • Potter-Elvehjem Tissue

    Potter-Elvehjem Tissue

    The Potter-Elvehjem grinder with PTFE pestle is well suited for soft tissue, such as brain and liver. The design of this grinder allows quick homogenization of the tissue.