Method Development

The compound development process requires that formulations, stability trials and QC methods be developed on a small scale prior to scaling up. Reducing batch sizes both simplifies the development process and reduces cost and time. A key component of the compound design process is sample dissolution and emulsification of the target compound. This is typically done with a rotor-stator style homogenizer. While small hand-held homogenizes are suitable for batch sizes less than 100 mL, method development labs require the ability to work with both small volumes and larger batches.

Omni GLH, Mixer and Macro Homogenizers Offer High Power and Versatility

The Omni General Laboratory Homogenizer (GLH), Omni Mixer and Omni Macro Homogenizers offer the perfect flexibility for method development labs that require the ability to process compounds in vessels up to 30 L. The high power motors allow compound emulsification in viscous liquids and the high shear forces generated by processing with rotor-stator generator probes can create suspensions with particle sizes in the 1-10 µm range.

The Omni Mixer and Macro homogenizer lines are compatible with a wide array of generator probes and sealed chambers. Sealed chambers are ideal when processing volatile compounds or samples containing infectious agents. For applications in which high-speed stirring or sample cutting are first required, the Omni Mixer and Macro chamber assemblies are available with stainless steel blades. Offered in a variety of materials from stainless steel to glass and with volumes up to 2 L, the Omni Mixer and Macro chamber assemblies can accommodate a wide range of applications.

Product Lines

  • Omni General Laboratory Homogenizer (GLH 850)

    Omni International "The Homogenizer Company" Model: Omni General Laboratory Homogenizer (GLH 850)

    5,000 - 25,000 rpm | 250 µL – 5 L
    5 - 30 mm stainless steel generator probes and 7mm plastic Omni Tips


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