Rapid Disruption of the Toughest Samples

Forensic analyses often involve the extraction of analytes, including small molecules, drugs, heavy metals and nucleic acids from some of the world's toughest samples. An ideal forensic lab homogenizer would be capable of high throughput extraction of samples such as teeth, hair and nails while ensuring that no cross-contamination is possible.

The Omni Bead Ruptor 24 is the most powerful bead mill on the market. With the capacity to process samples ranging from 0.5 mL to 50 mL and the ability to disrupt even the toughest forensic samples it is an ideal laboratory homogenizer.

Product Lines

  • Bead Ruptor Elite

    Omni International "The Homogenizer Company" Model: Bead Ruptor Elite

    The most powerful and scalable bead mill available
    Power. 0.8 - 8 m/s | Vol. 0.25 mL - 50 mL | Samples. 1-96

  • Omni BR-Cryo Cooling Unit

    Omni International "The Homogenizer Company" Model: Omni BR-Cryo Cooling Unit

    The BR-Cryo Cooling Unit is compatible with the Bead Ruptor 24 and is designed to keep samples cold during homogenization.


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