Rapid Analyte Extraction from a Wide Range of Food Products

The widespread presence of chemical and biological contaminants in the food supply has become a global concern. As governing bodies and consumers demand assurance of food safety researchers must continually develop methods to monitor both chemical and biological contamination in a wide array of food products from plants to meats. As food products vary greatly in size, density and shape, researchers require a variety of homogenizer technologies to comminute the food products from their native form down to smaller components which are amendable to lab scale analysis.

Omni Homogenizer Solutions Aid Food QC Labs

Omni offers a wide range of homogenizers to accommodate disruption of many food products of varying sizes and toughness. Food QC labs around the world rely on Omni’s high-quality homogenizers as their first step in food product analysis.

Product Lines

  • Bead Ruptor Elite

    Omni International "The Homogenizer Company" Model: Bead Ruptor Elite

    The most powerful and scalable bead mill available
    Power. 0.8 - 8 m/s | Vol. 0.25 mL - 50 mL | Samples. 1-96

  • Omni Macro Homogenizer

    Omni International "The Homogenizer Company" Model: Omni Macro Homogenizer

    1,000 to 20,000 rpm | 0.25 mL - 30 L
    1,800 watt motor
    7 - 55 mm stainless steel generator probes
    Wide range of sealed chambers and accessories


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