Dounce Tissue Grinder 40mL, 32x140mm

Dounce Tissue Grinder 40 mL





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General Info

Dounce Glass Tissue Homogenizer 40 mL

Dounce Tissue Homogenizers are designed to gently homogenize tissues or cells by mechanical shear. Dounce homogenizers are primarily used for cellular homogenization where the organelles remain intact including the nucleus. Each set contains both a tight and loose fitting pestle. Loose fitting pestle supports initial sample size reduction. Tight clearance pestle allows final sample disruption.

Product Features:

  • All borosilicate glass construction
  • Two complete sets per case
  • Each set contains both a tight and loose fitting pestle
  • Ideal for organelle isolation from cells or soft tissues
  • Autoclavable
  • Allow two to four weeks for delivery
Ordering Information: Includes two mortars, two loose pestles and two tight pestles.


  • Volume: 40 mL
  • Sample Type:Soft tissue and cells
  • Mortar Outer Diameter:32 mm
  • Length:140 mm
  • Material:Borosilicate glass