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Title:High-Throughput RNA extraction from Mus musculus tissues using the Omni Tissue RNA kit and the Bead Ruptor 12

Authors: B Easparro


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The extraction and isolation of RNA is an integral part of downstream analyses such as RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, Northern blotting, and cDNA library construction. The importance of using pure, intact RNA for these processes is well documented and a critical part of downstream analysis success. It is well known that RNA is sensitive to degradation due mechanical shear, temperature, storage conditions and freeze-thawing. Furthermore, RNA is highly susceptible to RNAse degradation following release of nucleases during the tissue disaggregation process. Thus, proper sample handling during the homogenization process is crucial when performing an RNA based assay. The Omni Tissue RNA Purification Kit supports rapid RNA purification with reproducible RNA yields and integrity. Extraction is based on bead based tissue disruption followed by RNA purification on silica spin columns. Herein, we demonstrate the performance of the Omni Tissue RNA Purification Kit for RNA purification from multiple murine tissues following disaggregation on the Bead Ruptor 12 Bead Mill Homogenizer. RNA integrity and yield was compared to tissues dissociated through cryomilling in a mortar & pestle under liquid nitrogen.


RNA was extracted from multiple mouse tissues using mechanical and bead milling homogenization along with the Omni Tissue RNA kit. RNA yields and integrity were determined

High-Throughput RNA extraction from Mus musculus tissues using the Omni Tissue RNA kit and the Bead Ruptor 12

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  • Bead Ruptor 12
  • Omni Tissue RNA Kit
  • mouse
  • heat
  • lung
  • liver
  • kidney
  • RNA
  • Bioanalyzer

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