Ultrasonic Accessories

Ultrasonic Accessories

Ultrasonic Tips, Sound Abatement Chamber, Stands, Cups & Trays

Product Lines

  • Ultrasonic Tips

    Ultrasonic Tips

    Solid Titanium Ultrasonic Tips (Horns)
    Tip Diameter: 5/32" to 1"
    Processing Range: 0.25 mL to 1 L

  • Ultrasonic Sound Abatement Chamber

    Ultrasonic Sound Abatement Chamber

    The sound abatement chamber contains much of the cavitational sound emitted by the Omni Sonic Ruptor 400 during sample processing.

  • Ultrasonic Stand

    Ultrasonic Stand

    Stand assembly for Sonic Ruptor 400 transducer and tip assembly.
    Base Dimensions: 5" x 8"
    Post Dimensions: 19" tall x 3/8" diameter

  • Ultrasonic Cups & Trays

    Ultrasonic Cups & Trays

    250 mL Cup Tip and eight microtube tray.
    For use when extended processing is required
    Compatible with: Sonic Ruptor 400