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For Mixer, Macro, & Macro ES

For Mixer, Macro, & Macro ES

Accessories for: Omni Mixer, Omni Macro and Omni Macro ES
Micro Homogenizer Attachment, Generator Probes, Sealed Chambers, Couplings and Adapters

Product Lines

  • Micro Homogenizer Attachment

    Micro Homogenizer Attachment

    Converts the Omni Mixer, Macro or Marco-ES Homogenizers into a micro homogenizer for processing volumes < 5 mL.
    Blade Speed: up to 50,000 rpm
    Volume: 0.5 to 5 mL

  • Stainless Steel Generator Probes (Mixer Style)

    Stainless Steel Generator Probes (Mixer Style)

    Processing Range: 0.25 mL to 30 L
    Diameter: 7 mm to 55 mm
    Length: 95 mm to 195 mm
    Compatible with: Omni Mixer, Macro and Macro-ES

  • Sealed Chambers

    Sealed Chambers

    Aerosol Sealed Chambers
    Material: Stainless Steel, Glass and Plastic
    Volume: 10 mL to 1892 mL
    Bearings: PTFE and Oilite
    Disperser: Cutting Blade or Generator Probe

  • Generator Probe Adapter

    Generator Probe Adapter

    Adapter is required for: All Mixer Style Homogenizer product line generator probes

  • Vessel Restraint Disk

    Vessel Restraint Disk

    Placed over the processing vessel to reduce splashing during processing
    Compatible with: Omni Mixer, Macro, Macro-ES and generator probes greater than 20 mm in diameter
    Note: Does not fully contain aerosols

  • Quick Connect Coupling Assembly

    Quick Connect Coupling Assembly

    Enables easier connection of chamber assemblies and generator probes to the Omni Mixer, Macro and Macro-ES Homogenizers