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(Part Number: UHB-115 )

Omni Micro Homogenizer (µHb)

Omni Micro Homogenizer

The Omni µHb, Micro Homogenizer is a hand-held homogenizer specifically designed for small non-fibrous samples in low volumes. The µHb is battery operated for mobility in field-testing. It is optimal for environmental samples but can handle a wide range of other applications. Patented Omni Tip™ Plastic Homogenizer Probes or Stainless Steel Generator Probes allow for greater flexibility in processing options.

Includes 35 watt motor, battery pack, charger, tool kit and instruction manual.

Note: Generator Probes, Sealed Chamber Assemblies, and Omni Tip Plastic Probes™ sold separately.

Omni 1000 is replaced by the Omni Micro H, and Power Gen 35 is equivalent to the Omni Micro H.


  • Well suited for small liquid emulsions, environmental, biological or cellular analysis and soft tissue or medical diagnostics
  • Compatible with patented Omni Tip™ Plastic Homogenizer Probes and 5, 7, and 10mm stainless steel homogenizer probes
  • Battery powered for field use and mobility or with optional transformer
  • Light weight design
  • Can be post mounted with an optional stand assembly
    Processing Range: <200µL-100 mL
    Power Rating: 35 watt, 8.75 VDC (max)
    Speed Control: Continuous at 25,000 rpm, Pulse at 35,000 rpm
    Optional Power Base Transformer/Speed Control: Continuously variable 10,000 to 30,000 rpm
    Battery Pack: 8,75 VDC, 1.6 amp-hr
    Dimensions: Height: 5.5 in. (14 cm), Diameter: 1.75 in. (4.5 cm)
    Weight: 312g (11oz)
    Sound Level: < 65 db.
    Warranty: One year motor warranty
    Standards Approval: CE


Listed below are some common applications for the Omni µHb:

Soft and Hard Tissue Homogenization

Cellular Research

Biological Research

Food and Plant Analysis

DNA, RNA, PCR and Protein Extraction

Enzyme Studies

Cancer Research

Pharmaceutical Research

Animal Tissue

Medical Research


Emulsions and Suspensions

Molecular Biology

And many more…